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The Benefits of Outsourcing Urgent Care Credentialing

All urgent care facilities are required to follow regulatory procedures at what the federal and state level, credentialing being one of them. Credentialing entails the process of being added on to insurance networks and verifying a provider’s qualifications so that they can offer care and you can make claims to insurance for the services they offer. One of the tedious parts of the credentialing process is getting the documentation required. Any mistakes in the credentialing process can be extremely costly to the business. Performing in-house credentialing can be time-consuming and expensive compared to outsourcing the services. Find out why you should outsource urgent care credentialing services in this article.

You will manage to save on your expenses when you outsource urgent care credentialing. If you carry out credentialing in-house, you will incur substantial labor expenses because you will have a credentialing employee handling the task. The employee in charge of credentialing will likely have other responsibilities which may have priority over credentialing, and this delays the process. You will also need to incur additional costs from overtime and increased chances of errors due to the heavy workload.

Your degree of liability will be reduced when you outsource credentialing. Having an inexperienced employee handling credentialing will end up bankrupting your practice due to severe errors in the process. Outsourcing credentialing can reduce your liability, and it also helps ensure that your provider contracts are always up to term.

When you outsource credentialing, you can enhance your organizational effectiveness. The companies which are dedicated to providing credentialing will have developed optimized workflows to make the credentialing process as efficient as possible. The company will have a lot of experience in the processes, thus eliminating errors which would otherwise cause a delay to the process. When you have high levels of efficiency in your business, you are likely to have better revenues.

You will manage to reduce your turnover rate when you outsource credentialing services. Regardless of how good a practice is, most urgent care facilities experience relatively high rates of turnover. A majority of people move on to other roles and specialties. You will need to allocate resources to recruit another person in your company to file in a vacant position for credentialing when one leaves. However, when you do not have an in-house employee handling credentialing, you don’t have to worry about turnover because the company providing you with the services will take care of everything for you.

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